Hello there!

I am Kason, the creator of mailhide.io

While I was running the websites and putting my email address on the contact page or sometimes leaving it on some sort of discussions, it`s a nightmare, you couldn`t imagine how many online spiders now on the internet, they are robot hunters, hunting for the email address to send the endless spam (junk emails, most of the emails are the online advertisements)

My email inbox received a lot of spams at that time, it`s just because I left my email on somewhere without any protection.

Implementing an "I`m human" function is not very difficult, still, I want to help others who may not have the time to do so or non-technical background.

The purpose of mailhide.io is quite clear, leave your armed link which is generated from mailhide.io instead of the email address where possible

By doing this, anyone who wishes to obtain your email address, they will be redirected to mailhide.io then being asked to simply verify they are not a robot, after that, the email address shall be revealed.

The service is free for all as long as it can be. It takes time and infrastructure cost, but it worths to help others.

All the best, Kason

If you enjoy the service, please buy me a coffee. Thanks!

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